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Be a Smart Consumer: Manage Energy Usage & Costs in your Home with the New WeatherBug App

WBH_PressRelease (003)

Oftentimes we hear people say that being green takes a lot of green from your wallet. With our newest WeatherBug mobile app release you now… »

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Lightning IQ Test

Lightning on July 26, 2014 in Bardstown, Kentucky. Credit: Jennifer

Did you know that 80% of lightning strikes are in-cloud?  Test your lightning IQ.

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Know Before – with Apple Watch

apple_watch 2

Here at WeatherBug we’re committed to making sure our users Know Before®. We work hard to let you know the weather before you leave the… »

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11 Awesome Severe Weather Photos

Supercell passing through the fair on August 1, 2014. Credit: Tobie S.

Spring ushers in the beginning of severe weather season for much of the U.S. We’ve hand-selected some of the most dramatic spring and summer extreme weather photos… »

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Spring Allergy Tips


It’s such a wonderful time of the year! Life comes anew with blooming flowers and the greening of leaves and grass. However, an all-so-familiar enemy… »

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