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Take the El Nino Knowledge Quiz!

How much do you know about El Nino? After one of the warmest holiday seasons on record in the east and torrential rainfall in California,… »

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New Look to Go Along with Exciting New Consumer Services in our WeatherBug Mobile App

We live and work in a world driven by the advancement of technology. In order to reflect our commitment to continually innovating on behalf of… »

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Be a Smart Consumer: Manage Energy Usage & Costs in your Home with the New WeatherBug App

Oftentimes we hear people say that being green takes a lot of green from your wallet. With our newest WeatherBug mobile app release you now… »

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Lightning IQ Test

Did you know that 80% of lightning strikes are in-cloud?  Test your lightning IQ.

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Know Before – with Apple Watch

Here at WeatherBug we’re committed to making sure our users Know Before®. We work hard to let you know the weather before you leave the… »

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