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Back-to-School is Almost Here, Are You Ready?

US Department of Education (Flickr)

Like most folks with children, the end of July signals an end to summer break, with August being a time to get your kid(s) school… »

Destructive Tornado Rips Through Boston Area


With winds as high as 120 miles per hour, a rare EF-2 tornado ripped its way through the seaside city of Revere, roughly 20 minutes… »

Rare Lightning Kills in Venice Beach, California

Magda Wojtyra (Flickr)

California’s Venice Beach is a popular tourist destination known for its beautiful sandy beaches, fun oceanside activities and awesome weather. Sunday afternoon, July 27 however,… »

What is NASA doing with Military Drones?

Kevin Baird (Flickr)

NASA scientists are using former military surveillance drones — not to peer into people’s lives, but to help save them! They will use these drones… »

Tragedy Strikes Popular Florida Beach Resort

Total lightning detected during this tragic event (WeatherBug)

Lightning struck three people on Fort Myers Beach in Florida, killing one and sending two others to the hospital Tuesday afternoon. Lee County Sheriff’s officials… »

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