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Christmas Traditions

Holiday Celebrations Differ All Over The World The Christmas tree, holly, turkey feasts and the exchange of presents are all common traditions followed at this… »

Christmas Bucket List

Things You Must Do This December A ‘bucket list’ contains a number of activities or items one may want to experience at least once in… »

Favorite Things About Winter

You Can Have A Lot of Fun In December The shorter days and the cooler temperatures all signal winter has arrived. For those of us… »

Did I Achieve My Years Goals?

How To Measure Your Personal Progress   As we approach the end of the year it is not unusual to start questioning ourselves about what… »

What I Am Thankful For On Thanksgiving

Reflecting On Our Many Blessings The “First Thanksgiving” was a celebration hosted by the Pilgrims in October 1621 following their first harvest in the New… »

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