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So Long Summer…Take a Virtual Vacation!

Are you sad that summer is coming to a close? Don’t despair…Take a virtual vacation instead! We’ve gathered some of your best vacation photos  from the… »

Lightning Injures Kids in Texas

Credit: Photo by Kim Lusk

Three kids playing soccer were hospitalized after being struck by lightning at approximately 4:40 pm on August 26 at the Field of Dreams, a sports facility… »

Will Bardarbunga Blow Up?

Credit: J.D. Griggs - licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

The world is watching Bardarbunga, the latest Icelandic volcano expected to erupt. Magma from the volcano is travelling under the region’s glaciers, creeping north at a… »

Heatwave Grips Midwest

Credit: WeatherBug

The Mid-Mississippi Valley and Mid-South have another day of sizzling temperatures in store as a dangerous heatwave refuses to relinquish its mighty grip. The heatwave… »

6.0-Magnitude Quake Rocks Wine Country

Photo by Matthew Keys via Flickr – Creative Commons

Sleepers abruptly awakened in the predawn hours when a 6.1 magnitude earthquake rocked and rolled the earth under Napa, California at 3:20 am on August… »

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