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Earth Day 2015

Credit: Send me adrift via Flickr

Wednesday April 22 is the 45th anniversary of Earth Day! That’s right, the very first Earth Day was officially held way back on April 22,… »

Blue Jellyfish Invade Oregon!


Glistening like glass and as blue as the ocean deep, the Velella velella (vuh-lell-uh vuh-lell-uh) may not resemble a typical jellyfish. Rather than evoking dread, the… »

Easy Ways to Cut Water Use

Credit: Jeremy Kunz via Flickr

The persistent drought, which has been afflicting California since 2012, has continued to grasp the state harder in its clutches. As no real relief looks… »

Hummingbirds: Amazing Slow-Motion Video

Credit: Sean McGrath via Flickr

Researchers at University of California Berkeley are sending hummingbirds where no hummingbirds have ever gone before: Into a wind tunnel to study their extraordinary flight… »

Remembering the Year Without a Summer

Credit: NASA Marshall Space Flight Center's Photostream via Flickr

If you think that spring has been slow to arrive, just imagine what it was like during the summer of 1816, known as “The Year… »

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