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The Science of Sunsets

Credit: Doreen, Anna Maria Island, FL - vsia WeatherBug Photo

Golden sunsets bring to mind picture-perfect vacation photos and romantic walks along the beach. Dramatic sunsets aren’t by chance. For each beautiful sunset, there’s a… »

Get set for the Partial Solar Eclipse

Credit: Matt Hecht

Get set for the last eclipse of 2014! The eclipse will happen October 23 — unless you’re in extreme northeastern Maine, where you will be… »

Can Woolly Caterpillars Really Predict Winter?

Credit: Kristine Paulus

Can the bands on woolly caterpillars foretell the kind of winter that’s ahead? Woolly caterpillars, aka “woolly worms”, “woolly bears” or “fuzzy bears” have been said to… »

World's Biggest Spider is Size of Puppy!

Credit: Kathy via Flickr

Like the great white shark and the reticulated python, the Goliath Birdeater Spider holds the record for being the largest predator of its species. The… »

No Treat, Polar Bears Cancel Halloween

Credit: Emma via Flickr

Trick-or-treating can be called off for bad weather, but what if the “forecast” calls for polar bears? That’s the dilemma facing residents of Arviat, a… »

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