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Huge Spiders Invade the UK


Residents of Devon County, located in southwest England, have been sharing their home with scary, green-fanged spiders — the tube web spider — and they’re… »

Japan Volcano Claims Dozens in Sudden Eruption

Credit: Sparkle Motion via Flickr

A beautiful, clear day took a serious and tragic turn for hikers atop Mount Ontake in Japan on Saturday, September 27 when the volcano erupted… »

NASA Astronaut Captures Stunning Space Photos

Gorgeous view looking east crossing the #Atlantic this morning - via @astro_reid Sept. 22

NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman is currently serving as flight engineer aboard the International Space Station. While performing experiments and engineering tasks, he’s also finding the… »

Our Ozone Layer Is Making a Comeback!

Rennett Stowe (Flickr)

The ozone layer is critical to life on Earth. It is the lower region of our stratosphere that absorbs 97 to 99% of the Sun’s… »

Extinct in the Wild

Cburnett (Wikimedia Commons)

People go to zoos with the hopes of seeing wild animals from exotic locations that they wouldn’t normally be able to on their own. What many… »

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