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Animals Thought to Predict the Weather

Anthony Quintano (Flickr)

Before we had the weather technology to monitor the weather and complex algorithms to forecast conditions, humans often looked to animals for weather predictions. From… »

Local Weather Affects Penguin Chick Weights

David Cook (Flickr)

In a recent article in Marine Ecology Progress Series, a top marine ecology journal, researchers from the University of Delaware have reportedly discovered a connection… »

How to Keep Your Carved Pumpkins Fresher Longer

greenzowie (Flickr)

Like many households across the country, you may have carved your pumpkin(s) over the past weekend, or will do so in the coming days as… »

The Science of Sunsets

Credit: Doreen, Anna Maria Island, FL - vsia WeatherBug Photo

Golden sunsets bring to mind picture-perfect vacation photos and romantic walks along the beach. Dramatic sunsets aren’t by chance. For each beautiful sunset, there’s a… »

Get set for the Partial Solar Eclipse

Credit: Matt Hecht

Get set for the last eclipse of 2014! The eclipse will happen October 23 — unless you’re in extreme northeastern Maine, where you will be… »