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July Weather Extremes

Many Records Have Been Set During This Month While July is not typically the hottest month of the year, it has collected several of the… »

Time To Warm Up The BBQ

Celebrate Independence Day or Canada Day In Style The first week of July is full of celebrations. In Canada, July 1st is Canada Day and… »

The First Day of Summer

  Facts And Fiction About The Summer Solstice The summer solstice is when Earth’s rotational axis on either the Northern or Southern Hemisphere is inclined… »

NASA’s Discovery About Jupiter’s Lightning

NASA’s New Discovery NASA’s Juno spacecraft made the discovery that Jupiter lightning strikes are very similar to Earth’s. A Huge Mystery Unveiled NASA’s Juno probe was used to… »

It’s Wildfire Season!

How Weather Impacts Forest Fires A wildfire – also known as a wildland fire – is a fire that typically occurs in rural areas and… »

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