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Best Ski Resorts In The US and Canada

This Winter the only thing going downhill should be you on skis There is no denying that the weather conditions this winter have been unusual,… »

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Atlantic Hurricane Season 2017: What You Should Know

 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season June 1 to November 30 is the duration of the Atlantic Hurricane season. The North Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and… »

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What's a Pineapple Express Anyway?

Drought-stricken California will be inundated with a foot or more of rain over the next several days, thanks to a group of storms riding the… »

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When It Rains, It Pours: ‘Storm of the Decade’ Strikes California

The Golden State lost a little of its gleam this weekend when storms brought some of the heaviest rains California has seen in years. Friday’s… »

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Fear of Floods Ease in Buffalo

A week after the region was hit by record-breaking lake-effect storms, authorities are keeping an eye on rising creek levels as the snow melts. Snowfall across… »

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