The Air You Breathe Can Have An Impact On Your Health

Air Quality and Activity Recommendations Per the Air Quality Index 

The Air Quality Index, or AQI, measures how clean your air is. The main focus of the measurements recorded as AQI readings is how prolonged exposure to polluted air can develop into health concerns. There are a total of five main pollutants identified by the Environmental Protection Agency regulated under the Clean Air Act.

They are:


Air quality standards, established by the EPA, protect public health. The AQI is a method in which people can see the level of pollutants in the air they breathe. With this data available, we can learn about outdoor exposure and the effect polluted air may have on physical activity. Ground level ozone and particulate matter are the most harmful of the pollutants.

One new tool available to you is the WeatherBug Air Quality Index. It simply breaks down the data from AQI readings in your area and gives you information about how safe the air is outdoors. Here is a basic look at what the Breezometer will display:


When The WeatherBug Air Quality Index Says: Excellent

This is a sign that the air is at its cleanest level. You can enjoy outdoor activities with infants and children and the air is safe for anyone with respiratory sensitivities. Open your windows, let the fresh air into your home and have fun outside.


When The WeatherBug Air Quality Index Says: Good

While this is a notch below ‘excellent,’ you can still go outside and have some fun. However, it is a good time to watch for potential changes in the air quality. This is particularly true for infants, children and anyone with respiratory sensitivities.


When The WeatherBug Air Quality Index Says: Moderate

This air reading is a warning to you to watch for respiratory distress in small children. Those with respiratory sensitivities should prepare for some breathing difficulties. This does not mean staying indoors, but closely track the air quality around you.


When The WeatherBug Air Quality Index Says: Low 

With this kind of air quality, it is better to keep your children indoors. Individuals with respiratory difficulties should refrain for any outdoor activity. You don’t have to stay indoors, but if you choose to go outside, you should limit how long you do.


When The WeatherBug Air Quality Index Says: Poor

Infants and children should not spend any time outdoors when the air conditions are poor. You could develop a respiratory condition if you choose to go outdoors for any length of time and those with breathing issues would do best to stay home.


WeatherBug Clears The Air With Their New Air Quality Index

Turn to WeatherBug for up-to-date and current AQI readings wherever you spend time outdoors. Find us at or visit your favorite app store to download our app.



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