Favorite Things About Winter

You Can Have A Lot of Fun In December

The shorter days and the cooler temperatures all signal winter has arrived. For those of us who are not Snowbirds escaping to warmer climates from the colder weather ones, winter is a lot of fun. Listing all the great things that come this time of year could easily fill a book or two. Instead, the fans of winter here at WeatherBug have narrowed down our top picks of favorite things about this season.

1 – Building A Snowman

Okay, admittedly not every location in the country has enough snow to make this easy. However, if you are looking for some kind of family fun activity this should be your go-to choice. Nothing brings families and friends together like working as a team to build the best snowman in the neighborhood. You can always celebrate the completion of the task with mugs of hot chocolate next to an outdoor bonfire.

2 – Christmas Cookies

Nothing says winter quite like the scents from the oven on cookie baking day. Everyone has a favorite type with shortbread, gingerbread and anything with peppermint winning most favor. Recipes are all over the internet as well as in cookbooks stashed away just for the occasion. Mom and Grandma very likely have their own variation which gives the holiday a touch of family tradition as a result.

3 – Bundling Up

There is something to be said about packing away the warm weather clothes and pulling out winter wardrobe. Boots, jackets, coats, mittens and scarves all add up to staying warm when it is cold outside. Then there’s the warming up at home inside after a day outdoors. If you have a fireplace or electric blanket, you already know the comfort that comes from getting cozy under blankets and just relaxing.

4 – Holiday Decorations

We know that every major neighborhood has a Clark Griswold living in it. But you don’t have to go to that extreme with Christmas lights and other ornaments to catch the spirit of the season. Putting up a tree, decorating the inside and outside of your home and all the trimmings doesn’t have to be a competition. If anything, doing so helps to spread the Christmas cheer and puts everyone involved in the mood for the holiday.

5 – Outdoor Sports

Winter is the one time of year where some of us can truly enjoy our favorite sporting activities. Plus, they also keep us fit and warm just by participating. Cross-country or downhill skiing along with snowboarding are popular picks. So are snowmobiling, sledding and skating. All of these are great opportunities to spend quality time with family and friends during the holiday.

6 – Christmas Shopping

Oddly enough, for many the holiday doesn’t really hit them until they are out shopping for presents or deals. Black Friday and Cyber Monday may have changed holiday shopping traditions in a way, but they do act as reminders that Christmas is approaching. Nothing warms you up better than finding that right gift for someone that you have to keep a secret until it’s opened!

Add WeatherBug To Your Winter Favorites List

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