The Top Tools You Need For Perfect Grilling

BBQ Accessories Wish List

There is no doubt that a well stocked kitchen or workshop filled with the proper tools can make any job easier. The same goes for your backyard or patio barbecue. When you have the correct accessories for the grill, you improve the odds of perfecting the task of cooking lunch or dinner. With holidays not far away, here is a look at the top accessories that will come in handy for the griller on your gift giving list.

1 – Locking Tongs

When you need to get a solid and reliable grip on the food you are preparing on the grill, nothing is handier than a strong pair of tongs. Look for a long pair, measuring at least 16-inches in length, with easy squeezing action. Heavy tongs should be avoided and ones that are hard to handle will just damage food rather than let you gently pick a food item up.

2 – Thermometer

A sturdy, well-built and waterproof digital food thermometer is an absolute must if you grill a lot of different foods at the same time. With the right thermometer you will be able to accurately record and monitor temperature. This prevents you from serving undercooked meats and gives you an added skill in serving up foods that have reached the correct internal temperature.

3 – Spatula

A spatula is designed to do just one thing and one thing only – to get under food so you can lift and turn or flip. Look for a stainless steel one with a large and wide surface area and long handle. One with these qualities will be a welcome addition to the BBQ tool box.

4 – BBQ Fork

A two-prong design is your best bet when shopping for a barbecue fork. One made of stainless steel and with a long handle measuring at least 18-inches will save more than one meal when used to poke and flip such things as pork chops.

5 – Grilling Gloves

There will be the odd time when cooking on the grill will require grabbing hold of something hot that requires the grip of a human hand. Leather grilling gloves that offer wrist and forearm protection are a good choice. You may use them only once in a while, but when you do, you’ll appreciate having a pair.

6 – Spiral Brass Brush

Sooner or later the end of BBQ rib night will require you to give the grill a nice cleaning to prepare it for when you plan to fire it up again. A brass brush is far gentler on the grating you use on your grill. The typical BBQ brush can damage the coating on the grate. The spiral design also gets you into tight spots for quick cleaning.

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