The Great Doppler Radar Effect!

The amazing value Doppler radar offers for outdoor enthusiasts

Warmer summer weather means most of us will be spending a lot more time outdoors. Whether it is for recreational or work activities, nothing puts a damper on mowing the lawn, hosting a barbeque or a camping, hiking and canoeing trip faster than a thunderstorm that appeared without warning. Thanks to the accuracy of the technology of Doppler radar, you can go ahead and plan your favorite outdoor activities with confidence.

Doppler radar is a type of radar that is commonly used to assist with weather reporting. This type of radar is the same kind that is used by the military, in aviation and by police in speed radar guns. It works by sending a microwave signal to a target and when it returns to the originating source the changes in the signal are analyzed. The way in which the Doppler signal is altered by the motion of the object it was sent to bounce off of reveals a great deal of specific data.

For example, NOAA, television, radio and WeatherBug meteorologists are able to identify the precise location of precipitation with this technology. They can accurately estimate the type of precipitation – rain, hail or snow – and calculate its motion to track where it is going. By analyzing the intensity of the precipitation, meteorologists can identify the storm structure and determine if it has the potential to develop into a severe weather event.

It is a direct result of the use of Doppler radar that weather services issue storm warnings. The advance notice possible through this technology can be the difference between life and death in the case of a hurricane or severe thunderstorm. It can give you enough notice to prepare in case of flooding. WeatherBug meteorologists rely on Doppler radar because of how accurate it is in revealing what is actually taking place in the clouds passing overhead and moving in your direction.

This summer, you don’t want to have to cancel your next backyard pool party because of bad weather. WeatherBug’s real-time lightning map Spark will keep you informed about the conditions near your home with alerts and proximity warnings. All of this is possible due to the use of Doppler radar. So when you start planning for outdoor activities, include information from WeatherBug to ensure your plans don’t get rained out.


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