Bounce Houses and Wind Don’t Mix!

Nobody expected it. Regulations and safety procedures were followed. This is a parent’s worst nightmare. Residents in Littleton, Colorado were shocked when an inflatable bounce house broke loose and started rolling at the whim of the wind — with children still inside. It happened at the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Jamboree tournament on May 31, 2014 around 2:40 pm. As teams geared up to compete against each other, an inflatable bounce house with a slide was innocently entertaining the younger siblings and friends of players. Then things started to pick up… literally.

Watch the video:

All of a sudden, it picks up and there’s a girl going down the slide,” Vannessa Atencio, a witness, said. “She flies about eight feet in the air. The slide tumbles across the field.” The girl was ejected right away and was treated at the scene, then released.

We’re on the sidelines of the parents watching the game and then out of the side saw the bouncy house come over and everybody running for it to get out of the way,” Aleah Horstman, another witness, said. The bounce house tumbled through an ongoing game and towards a pond.

What witnesses didn’t know was that there was a boy still trapped on the slides. The boy was carried between 200 to 300 feet as the slide came to a stop before going into the pond. The boy was taken to a hospital for medical attention, but the West Metro Fire Department did not report any serious injuries. The bouncy slide’s operator (Airbound) claims that the slide was staked down into the ground and all safety precautions were taken. Local WeatherBug stations measured the highest wind gusts for the day at 30mph.

Be sure to download the free WeatherBug app for the latest wind forecasts and alerts. Check WeatherBug before letting your children play in bounce houses!

Stay Safe. Know Before™.

-The WeatherBug – Earth Networks Team

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