Thousands Evacuated in Colorado – Watch Flood Footage

More rain is forecast through Sunday for the Colorado flood region, on top of the 15 inches some parts have already received, with state officials warning that “very heavy rainfall” is likely again Friday. Authorities called on thousands more people in the city of Boulder (and nearby towns) to evacuate as rivers and creeks rose to dangerous levels.

Credit: kthypryn via Flickr

Credit: kthypryn via Flickr

The late-night reports from Boulder and the village of Eldorado Springs came as rescuers struggled to reach dozens of people cut off by flooding in Colorado mountain communities. Residents in the Denver area and other downstream communities were warned to stay off flooded streets.

Watch cars as they try to navigate flooded streets. Remember, if you’re driving and come across a flooded road, TURN AROUND, DON’T DROWN!:


The towns of Lyons, Jamestown and others in the Rocky Mountain foothills have been without power or telephone given the rain, pummeling the region all week, intensified late Wednesday and early Thursday.

Aftermath of a flash flood - Credit: avlxyz via Flickr

Evidence of a flash flood – Credit: avlxyz via Flickr

At least three people were killed and another was missing, and numerous people were forced to seek shelter up and down Colorado’s populated Front Range. Boulder County spokesman James Burrus said 17 people were unaccounted for Friday, and officials planned to publicly release the names later.


See the power of a flash flood devouring an apple orchard from August 2011:

Late Thursday, warning sirens blared in Boulder and city officials sent notice to about 4,000 people living along Boulder Creek around the mouth of Boulder Canyon to head for higher ground. The alert was prompted by rapidly rising creek levels caused by water backing up at the mouth of the canyon because of debris and mud coming off the mountainsides, the city Office of Emergency Management said.


For additional tips on how to stay safe from flood threats, read Stay Above Water: Flood Safety 101.


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