*UPDATE 2* Exclusive: 1 Meteorologist, 1 Car, 1 Super Hot Day — See What Happens!

On average, 38 children die in hot cars each year from heat-related deaths after being trapped inside motor vehicles. Even the best of parents or caregivers can unknowingly leave a sleeping baby in a car; and the end result can be injury or even death. Not only are children often left in vehicles, but so are pets and the elderly!

Car-related child heat strokes in US by state - Credit: kidsandcars.org

Car-related child heat strokes in US by state – Credit: kidsandcars.org

WeatherBug is heartbroken over the preventable loss of life so we decided to run our own test to show you what exactly happens inside a car on a hot day, so you can know before.

It was sooo hot yesterday! - Credit: WeatherBug

It was sooo hot yesterday! – Credit: WeatherBug

One of our meteorologists, Jacob Wycoff, volunteered to be our guinea pig. So we waited for a hot day and picked yesterday… as you can see above, it was sweltering. Below, watch Jacob melt in this exclusive WeatherBug video… remember do NOT try this, you could die.


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The dangerous, and in some cases, record heat gripping the East will finally get zapped by a cold front this weekend. Instead of temperatures in the 90s and heat indices in the 100s, temperatures will cool closer to seasonal averages.

Credit: WeatherBug Meteorologists

Credit: WeatherBug Meteorologists

Excessive Heat Warnings and Heat Advisories continue through early this evening from Wisconsin and Michigan into the northern Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Cincinnati and the populated Interstate 95 corridor from Washington, D.C., to Boston are in these heat-related alerts.

Credit: vasofoto.com via Flickr

Credit: vasofoto.com via Flickr

A cold front bringing dangerous storms to the Great Lakes will press south and finally erase the heat heading into the weekend. Instead of the middle 90s for Detroit, highs Saturday will climb to near 90 degrees. Cincinnati will cool back into the 80s Saturday while Washington, D.C., Boston, Hartford, New York City and Philadelphia back off from the upper 90s to the lower and mid 90s. Even cooler weather will settle into the East on Sunday with 80s replacing the 90s in the Northeast and 70s replacing the 80s in the Great Lakes.

Credit: jinglejammer via Flickr

Credit: jinglejammer via Flickr

Avoid strenuous activity, drink plenty of water, and wear lightweight and loose-fitting clothing if you must be outdoors for any length of time. Also, check on neighbors, the elderly and young children, as well as pets in this type of dangerous heat. Stay cool!

For more information on this heat wave, click here.


Record daily high temperatures have been set on 7/19/2013:

  • Islip, NY – 93 degrees today, breaking the old record of 92 degrees set in 1999
  • LaGuardia, NY – 99 degrees today, tying the old record set back in 1977
  • Newark, NJ – 100 degrees today, tying the old record set back in 1999 and 1977




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