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Bitter Cold Weather Hits Utah

Gusts approaching hurricane force intensity, brutal winter winds and bitter cold temperatures are plunging Utah into a deep freeze. Just a day after a snowstorm… »

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The Indian Ocean Tsunami: 10 Years Later

On Christmas night in 2004, many people in the U.S. were relaxing with family and friends after a day of opening presents and holiday feasting. … »

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‘Weather Bomb’ Blasts UK

Winds lashing up to 80 mph, 60-foot waves overtaking seawalls, hail and ice. The United Kingdom is getting hit by a bomb — a “weather bomb,”… »

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Landslides 101

They can happen suddenly, ripping homes from their foundations, turning roads into rubble, and killing almost everything in its path. The powerful force of a… »

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Typhoon Hagupit Lashes Philippines, Killing 24

Typhoon Hagupit — locally known as “Ruby” — tore through the Philippines, bringing peak wind gusts over 210 mph, flooded streets and pounding waves. The… »

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