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WeatherBug App for Mac

We know easily accessing your WeatherBug information on all of your devices is important to you, so we’re excited to introduce the new WeatherBug App… »

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An Inconvenient Truth Holding Back Consumer IoT Adoption

WeatherBug’s parent company, Earth Networks, has returned from CES 2016 in Las Vegas, where we can tell you that smart home product and technology innovation was… »

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Be a Smart Consumer: Manage Energy Usage & Costs in your Home with the New WeatherBug App

Oftentimes we hear people say that being green takes a lot of green from your wallet. With our newest WeatherBug mobile app release you now… »

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Know Before – with Apple Watch

Here at WeatherBug we’re committed to making sure our users Know Before®. We work hard to let you know the weather before you leave the… »

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Thundersnow: Danger Lurking in the Cold

Convection, an upward motion of air, helps produce thunderstorms. But it’s relatively rare to have convection within a winter storm as thunder and lightning are… »

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