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Year in Weather: Top 10 U.S. Weather Headlines for 2014

Credit: Anthony Quintano

What weather events was everyone talking about in 2014? The WeatherBug Meteorology Team at Earth Networks reviewed the year in weather — from severe winter… »

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Top 10 U.S. Cities with Unpredictable Weather

9. Grand Island, Nebraska
Photo Credit: Steve White via Flickr

Which cities in the U.S. have the most unpredictable weather? To find out, expert statisticians at FiveThirtyEight examined temperature, precipitation and severe weather data across… »

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Surprising Links Between Weather and Voting

Credit: Theresa Thompson via Flickr

Weather on election day may help determine whether your favorite candidate wins or loses. If the weather outside is frightful, voters stay away from the… »

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‘Beat the Heat, Check the Backseat’ – Children, Hot Cars, and Fatal Mistakes

wycoff 2

“Cooper Harris loved trucks and cars, had just learned the color red and was a happy baby,” read the 22-month-old’s obituary. Though the sun was… »

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Will Hurricane Arthur Rain on Your July 4th Parade?

nc ominous beach

As friends and families across America gather to celebrate the founding of our great nation, fireworks, barbecues and parades are on the horizon. However, a… »

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