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Take the El Nino Knowledge Quiz!


How much do you know about El Nino? After one of the warmest holiday seasons on record in the east and torrential rainfall in California,… »

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Dog Power! 2015 Iditarod Race Underway

Credit: Frank Kovalchek via Twitter

More than 1,000 dogs and their mushers are pumped and ready for action as the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race kicks off this week in… »

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Icicles: Beautiful But Dangerous

Credit: Dan Dry, Looking Glass Falls, NC via WeatherBug Photos

Icicles may be pretty to look at, but resist the urge to look up – you could be injured. As many states begin a long,… »

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Niagara Falls' Deep Freeze

Credit: Douglas M. Paine via Flickr

Below-freezing temperatures are turning Niagara Falls into a scene out of the movie “Frozen.” While up to 150,000 gallons (567,811 liters) of water can fall… »

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Record Low Temperatures Chill U.S.

Credit: Kristen in Ayden, NC via WeatherBug Photos

Numerous record low temperatures were shattered on February 20 across the Mid-Atlantic, Ohio Valley, eastern Plains and Great Lakes. Many of these records were decades old,… »

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