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The Great Doppler Radar Effect!

The amazing value Doppler radar offers for outdoor enthusiasts Warmer summer weather means most of us will be spending a lot more time outdoors. Whether… »

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WATCH: Sharknado Forecast – Funny!

The WeatherBug Meteorology Team  issued a special Sharknado forecast today and tonight! Follow WeatherBug on Twitter for breaking Sharknado updates!

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Happy National Weatherperson's Day!

Have you thanked your weatherperson lately?  Today is National Weatherperson’s Day – a day to recognize men and women making contributions in the field of… »

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Hilariously Hot Weather: Weather Map Goes Crazy!

TV weathercasters work under tight deadlines and are under constant pressure to deliver flawless reports during live broadcasts. But sometimes, there’s a hiccup. Fortunately, many weathermen and… »

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8 Ways to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Throughout the holiday season, Christmas trees and branches serve as reminders of the festivities. Though the Christmas tree tradition didn’t enter mainstream America until the early… »

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