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California Receives Much-Needed Rain!

A strong Pacific storm brought heavy rain and mountain snow to the state of California, offering some relief from the worst drought in recent history…. »

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The Aral Sea – Oasis in the Desert is Disappearing

Back in the 1960s, the Soviet Union completed a major water diversion project in the deserts of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, utilizing the region’s two… »

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A Side of Biscuits with a Bucket of…Iguanas?

If you’re hungry and find yourself in Nicaragua, you may have to make a difficult decision. A severe drought is ravaging Central America and as… »

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Lake Mead Doesn’t Runneth Over Anymore

Lake Mead, the United States’ largest man-made reservoir, is shrinking. The Nevada reservoir is now encircled with a sand colored “bathtub ring,” showing the area… »

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3,000 Year Old Trees In Danger as Wildfire Rages in Sequoia National Park

Early this morning, the southern California sky was lit with an eerie orange-red glow as wildfires burned bright. The sound of helicopters whirred up above… »

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