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July Weather Extremes

Many Records Have Been Set During This Month While July is not typically the hottest month of the year, it has collected several of the… »

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You Should Get Used to More Rainstorms

Rainstorms are more aggressive than ever More rainstorms are now much wetter and stronger, in fact, rainstorms are 70% stronger and wetter than they were… »

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June Extremes

The Weather In June Has Many Extremes The Record Highs And Lows for the Month Although the month of June is not the warmest time… »

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Batten Down The Hatches, This Is Hurricane Season

2018 Predictions Point To An Active Storm Year Hurricanes are considered to be Earth’s most violent storms. They begin as tropical cyclones and are upgraded… »

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Weather Extremes

Extreme Weather In May The Hottest and Coldest Days on Record  Because of how the Earth tilts on its axis in May, the weather begins… »

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