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An Inconvenient Truth Holding Back Consumer IoT Adoption


WeatherBug’s parent company, Earth Networks, has returned from CES 2016 in Las Vegas, where we can tell you that smart home product and technology innovation was… »

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2014 Labeled ‘Hottest Year on Record’

Photo: Marten van Maanen via flickr

NASA, NOAA and the Japanese Meteorological Agency agree: As 2014 came to a close, scientists dubbed it “The Hottest Year on Record.” And according to… »

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Climate Change and Your Wallet

Asian Development Bank (Flickr)

Climate change has become an important, challenging topic among researchers, scientist and climate experts. However, now even financial experts and economists are jumping into the… »

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The Aral Sea – Oasis in the Desert is Disappearing

Ship graveyard caused by the fall of fisheries - United Nations Development Programme in Europe and CIS (Flickr)

Back in the 1960s, the Soviet Union completed a major water diversion project in the deserts of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, utilizing the region’s two… »

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Our Ozone Layer Is Making a Comeback!

Rennett Stowe (Flickr)

The ozone layer is critical to life on Earth. It is the lower region of our stratosphere that absorbs 97 to 99% of the Sun’s… »

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