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Have A Good Weekend in Germany

Top Family Outdoor Activities in Germany When a family plays together, it tends to stay together. Nothing makes for great family memories than enjoying the… »

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Fun Things Do To With Your Family This Weekend In UK

 Top 10 UK Family Outdoor Activities Active families stay active regardless of the weather. In the United Kingdom you have many different venues to choose… »

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Blue Jellyfish Invade Oregon!

Glistening like glass and as blue as the ocean deep, the Velella velella (vuh-lell-uh vuh-lell-uh) may not resemble a typical jellyfish. Rather than evoking dread, the… »

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Hummingbirds: Amazing Slow-Motion Video

Researchers at University of California Berkeley are sending hummingbirds where no hummingbirds have ever gone before: Into a wind tunnel to study their extraordinary flight… »

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Dog Power! 2015 Iditarod Race Underway

More than 1,000 dogs and their mushers are pumped and ready for action as the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race kicks off this week in… »

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