Time To Warm Up The BBQ

Celebrate Independence Day or Canada Day In Style

The first week of July is full of celebrations. In Canada, July 1st is Canada Day and in the United States, Independence Day falls on the Fourth. Both are worthy of backyard parties spent with family and friends. Nothing makes the average barbecue party better than when you spend some time putting together early preparations. At WeatherBug, we want you to have a safe and fun celebration and offer these helpful hints to inspire you to host the best BBQ of the season.



There is no doubt that Canada Day and Independence Day date to celebrate patriotism. Your local dollar store will be stocked with party favors. This will include supplies ranging from plates, cups, and napkins to flags, pins, and balloons to give your backyard party all the flavor of a patriotic celebration. You can also search online for these items.



While you are going through the shelves of your local dollar store or online for Canada or US-themed napkins and plates, don’t forget to pick up plastic forks, knives, and spoons. Be sure to carry your patriotic theme into these items by purchases them in the colors of your national flag. Mix and match them in red, white and blue.



To stick with your patriotic theme, feature music performed by artists based in your home country. It won’t be hard as both Canada and the United States have many different big name musicians to be proud of. You can put them in the spotlight of your backyard BBQ party in mix tapes made before your event or just shuffle CDs.



Why not play backyard games that were invented in your country? This keeps your theme in place and turns your celebration into a lot more fun. Here are some suggestions:


Canadian Sports:

Basketball – set up a backboard and basket to shoot some hoops or play a little one-on-one

Bowling – there are many variations of bowling you can play outdoors

Hockey – who hasn’t played some street hockey at least once in their lives?

Trivial Pursuit – something fun for the board game addicts at your BBQ


American Sports:

Wiffle Ball – a fun variation of baseball

Go Kart Racing – if there is a track nearby, why not run a few laps?

Racquetball – there’s got to be a way to improvise this in your backyard

Paintball – talk about adding adventure to your celebration



There are several different ways to dress up a BBQ feast that fits within your patriotic theme. By searching online you’ll be able to feed everyone at your event with interesting dishes and desserts that will not only satisfy but will keep everyone thinking about Canada Day or Independence Day. Don’t forget to include themed drinks and beverages as well.


Planning A BBQ? Check With WeatherBug First

Temperatures in July climb to where everyone starts to spend more time outdoors. With WeatherBug as part of your planning process you’ll be sure to be prepared regardless of the weather conditions. WeatherBug provides alerts to warn you of changes that may alter your outdoor plans. Download our app from your preferred app store or from www.weatherbug.com.



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