How To Make The Best Of Long Weekends

Long Weekends Are Made For Camping

Here Are Some Helpful Tips Before You Head Outdoors

 The May long weekend is often the first camping opportunity in the year for many. As the weather has warmed substantially by late in the month, spending time outdoors is once again a viable option. For many who do not get holiday time until later in the year, any long weekend is a great time for a camping trip. Even if it is for only a couple of days at a time.

To prepare you for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend and a camping adventure, here are some tips to make it a little more enjoyable.


1 – Pack Less, Pack Smart

You’ve probably been mentally preparing for this weekend getaway every since winter set in. What will make this first official camping trip of the year better is to pack for a weekend rather than packing gear for a week. If you end up overloading your vehicle with much more than you need, you’ll find it frustrating when setting up camp…and packing up to go back home.


2 – Take A Smaller Tent

Although there are some excellent large scale tents on the market, carefully review your camping goals. If it’s just two of you and the idea is to relax, then a smaller two or three person tent will still be all you’ll need. After all, you are not spending the entire weekend in the tent. Plus, a smaller tent means it will be up faster. Taking it down later will also be quick work.


3 – Use Easy-To-Set-Up Gear

It may be tempting to pack everything possible to address the ‘just in case’ scenarios but packing only what you need is far more efficient. For two people all you really require is a small gas burner plus one or two pots and pans for cooking. Pack less clothing – enough for a weekend and just enough camping furniture to open and use as soon as you arrive at your campsite.


4 – Plan Ahead To Avoid Disappointment

You will not be the only ones jamming in a quick camping trip on the long weekend. That is why you should book your campsite in advance, if possible. Pre-pack the vehicle so you can hit the road right after work and time your departure to avoid heavy traffic. The more you can do in advance will reduce stress and give you more time for the relaxing part of your holiday.


5 – Keep The Trip Short

When you are able to camp closer to home you not only save on fuel costs but you will save on time spent travelling. The more time you spend in your vehicle getting to your destination means the same length of time will be required to get home. By camping only a few hours’ away gives you much more time to spend in the great outdoors enjoying your camping holiday.


6 – Stay On Top Of The Weather

Although the weather in May is usually great for camping, sometimes weather conditions can change quickly. The temperature in spring can get chilly overnight and turn an otherwise great camping holiday into a shorter holiday. One way to stay on top of current conditions is to follow WeatherBug. The free app you can download will provide you with key weather information.


Take WeatherBug With You Camping

For information on current and upcoming weather conditions, trust WeatherBug to give you accurate data. Plus, there are alerts that will warn you of sudden changes that could have an impact on your outdoor activities. Download our app at or from your favorite app store.



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