WeatherBug Introduces a VR Meteorologist

Virtual Reality Is No Longer Just In Sci-Fi Movies

We don’t spend a lot of time tooting our own horn here at WeatherBug, but recent develops in our services are receiving much praise online. One of our most exciting new features is the result of a working relationship with Amazon and their Sumerian platform. Sumerian is a cutting-edge tool that blends augmented reality and virtual reality elements to create virtual worlds.

While this sounds more like something of interest to gamers, the real part of the reality comes from the 3D characters that populate the Sumerian virtual worlds. Are you still following this? As WeatherBug is an industry leader in weather app data collection and information technology, it only made sense to see a virtual weather office come out of the mixture.


The Reintroduction of the Weatherman/Weatherwoman

WeatherBug President Olivier Vincent said it best in a recent interview with AWS. He explained that “We don’t talk about the weather, we talk about how we feel about the weather” which makes it a form of social interaction. Plus, since you can get weather forecasts from several different sources, WeatherBug chose to create a new and different way to share that info.

Traditionally, weather forecasts came from men and women who stood in front of green screens in television studios. Vincent said in PC Magazine that due to the popularity of human weather forecasters led to the idea, “to reintroduce that weather person within a more immersive experience in the app.” Amazon’s Sumerian platform made it possible.


VR Brings 3D to the Weather Forecast In April

The WeatherBug virtual news studio features an anchor desk, green screens and all the other visual elements you would expect on a typical TV weather set. A virtual host provides weather data and added elements such as 3D street views, animated weather and more apparent during your local forecast. The key feature is that it is the forecast specific to your location.

 All of this adds to the infrastructure of the “sophisticated weather app” that has become a description of WeatherBug. Even Olivier indicated that the features that keep coming out from their engineering department, “goes beyond the basic – what is your weather forecast.” These features include the recently unveiled real-time Air Quality Index readings.


For More Than Just The Temperature In Spring…

Keeping you informed by constantly evolving to bring you more of the weather information you need, WeatherBug aims to pull you into the fold. We all experience the weather and we want you to experience it differently with our weather app. Look for it at or from your favorite app store.



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