Blossom Time Is Also Allergy Time

Photo: Jake Weirick

 Weather In Spring Produces Pollen

 Aside from warmer temperatures and longer days, a visual sign of Spring comes from flowers and trees. Blossoms are the first stage of development for several species of plants which, once pollinated, with grow into flowers and fruit. Typically the first blossoms to open in Spring are those of the cherry tree. The last fruit ready for harvest in the growing season is normally apples.


The Importance of Blossoms

Blossoms produce pollen. Bees and many other flying insects seek food from the blossoms and as a result, collect the sticky pollen on their bodies as they pass from plant to plant or tree to tree. The result of this activity is pollination and cross-pollination which is often necessary in order for these trees and plants to reproduce. They reproduce by producing flowers and fruit.


How Weather Affects Blossoms

Gardeners often do not know what to expect for the weather forecast in Spring as a sudden freeze in temperatures can have a severe impact on flowering plants and trees. Also, the blossoms, which usually only last a few days, are fragile enough to experience damage by an unexpected heavy rain event. These potential weather issues can cut the size of a crop later in the season.


How Pollen Affects Allergies

Pollen is a very fine powder that is first produced in Spring of each year. It comes from more than trees and flowers. In fact, pollen is produced by weeds and grasses. It is intended to fertilize other plants from the same species. As pollen is so fine, it easily becomes an airborne particle. As a result, it can enter our bodies and trigger an allergic reaction.


Allergic reactions vary from person to person but they signal our bodies attempt at protecting itself. Many people do not have pollen sensitivities. That is because their immune system is stronger in fighting off the effects of pollen. Others will experience watering eyes, sneezing, sinus congestion, flu-like symptoms and much more.


How The Weather Forecast In April Can Assist With Allergies

In an effort to aid those who suffer from various types of allergies, weather forecasts in Spring often include something called a Pollen Count. The Pollen Forecast available from WeatherBug indicates the Pollen Count as being Low, Medium or High. These designations give allergy sufferers a way of deciding if they should spend time outdoors.


Turn To WeatherBug For More Than Just The Weather

We all want to spend time outside when the warmer weather of Spring arrives. However, the growing season is problematic for anyone with allergies. With WeatherBug at your fingertips, you can choose what days are best for outdoor activities if pollen causes you irritation. Look for us at or download our app from your favorite app store.




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