Weather In April Impacts Us All


April Weather

From rain to flooding, April is more than just showers for May flowers

 As the old saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. In fact, with temperatures increasing in April, showers are not the only source of moisture produced during the month. Warmer days will lead to melting show in higher elevations resulting in the annual freshet.


The Spring Runoff

The thawing of snow and ice that gathered during winter will create the spring activity known as the annual freshet. Depending on the watershed and the snowpack accumulated over the colder months, freshet can take up to several weeks to completely flush away the melted snow.

The same variables can result in severe flooding of rivers, lakes and surrounding communities. This threat increases dramatically when the weather forecast in April includes a rapid warming trend. Areas that drop to freezing levels overnight experience slower melting and less flood risk

The size of the snowpack and speed in which it thaws can also impact the drought conditions later in the year. With a shortage of water in streams, lakes and in the ground, and a reduction in rainfall, the risk of forest fires increases. Weather can have a huge impact on this balance.


April Showers And Gardening

In lower elevations, April is when gardening preparations begin. The longer daylight hours and warmer temperatures are encouraging to gardeners. However, just because the weather in April looks great, sometimes an early start is devastating with frost still a possibility.

This is why it is always a good idea to know the approximate frost dates of your location. There are several online tools to help with this using data collected from your local airport weather station. Many gardeners use the May long weekend as their planting start date.

By researching the frost dates for your location, you will be able to find the length of the average growing season where you live. Frost date records include the last spring frost and the first fall frost dates. The difference between those dates is the length of your growing season.


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