Spring is on the Horizon

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Expect Warmer Weather In March

March is a welcome arrival for many as it signals the start of Spring. Along with that comes warmer weather, melting snow, green grass and longer days. March was actually the first month of the Roman calendar named in honor of Mars, the Roman God of War. March was the beginning of the warfare season, and festivals were held in honor of Mars. The season ended in October when celebrations at that time marked the end of the warfare period.

Modern Day March Observances

Daylight Saving Time begins on March 11 this year. On this date, clocks move ahead one hour and will stay until early November when they return to Standard Time. DST was apparently designed to help farmers who needed the extra sunlight to dry dew off of hay and other ground crops before they could be harvested. The main thrust behind Daylight Saving Time is energy conservation; however, results are still somewhat inconclusive on the effectiveness of the practice.

The first day of Spring is March 20 this year. The Spring equinox marks the time of year when the length of day is close to that of night, roughly 12 hours each. It is during Spring when the days grow considerably in length. This is why weather in March becomes warmer along with the temperature in March. It is a result of these warmer, longer days where ice and snow in higher elevations begins to melt. The Spring thaw, or freshet, will swell rivers, creeks and streams for a few weeks into April.

Air quality becomes a concern in Spring as the warmer weather contributes to pollution. Allergies, asthma and other respiratory conditions flare up during March and into the fall. Triggered by airborne particles that can range from forest fire fly ash and smoke, pollen and air pollution created by vehicles and industry, it is important to check air quality readings and weather in March.

Weather Lore

In folklore and before the arrival of the modern-day weather forecast, farmers and the people of the day had sayings that helped them to make a weather forecast in March. While these sayings do not have much in the way of scientific support, many of them are still popular today. They include:

When March has April weather, April will have March weather.

A March Sun sticks like a lock of wool.

Thunder in March betokens a fruitful year.

Dust in March brings grass and foliage.

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