Winter Storm Safety Tips

Be Safe With Some Preparation

Extreme weather conditions can seriously impact our lives resulting in hazards and dangerous situations. However, with plans and preparations in place long before winter arrives, we can better navigate the grip it can have on us at this time of year. At WeatherBug we believe in being prepared for the worst and present this list of tips to help you through the winter storm season.

Emergency Kit

Your best tool during any kind of severe weather is an emergency kit. A good kit would contain enough supplies for three days. You can easily make your own and it should include gallons of water, food that is easy to prepare (protein bars, peanut butter and bread, cans of tuna), toiletries and blankets.

Prepare Your Home

Your home should be well insulated and all doors and windows must be able to be closed tightly keeping cold air out. Your furnace and hot water heater should both be well-maintained and in good working order. An insulation blanket will help protect the hot water heater and if you have a fireplace, you should have a supply of firewood you can easily access. If there is no fireplace, a portable space heater will be sufficient.


In case of an extended power outage, flashlights with fresh batteries will help you to move around in the dark. It is also a good idea to have non-battery ‘crank’ flashlights available. Candles will be useful for lighting as well.

Maintain Contact

You will want to have a communication plan in place well in advance of a severe weather event. It should include a mode of communication along with a backup mode (walkie talkies as a suggestion) with full charges or fresh batteries. Your communication plan should focus on children and elderly family members so everyone can stay in contact and possibly arrange for a safe meeting place to gather following a storm.

Get Acquainted With Shut Offs

Depending on the severity of the winter storm, you will want to prevent water pipes and fixtures from damage. This will mean having to know exactly where shut offs are located in and around your home and how to get to them and close them when you need to.

Prepare Your Vehicle

Although you should not be driving your vehicle in a harsh winter storm, you can be prepared on the offhand chance you find yourself in one while behind the wheel. Always keep blankets and protein bars in your vehicle. You should also have good winter tires that are properly inflated, a good ice scraper, anti freeze and windshield wipers that are in good working order.

Around The Yard

Once the storm has passed you will want to dig your way out of your home. With access to sturdy snow shovels and eco-friendly ice melting products you can concentrate on opening pathways and clearing snow and ice from outdoor pipes and vents.

The Extra Layer Of Protection

When venturing outdoors following a severe winter weather event be sure to dress properly. Layer clothing for better insulation. For your home, you can keep it warm and operational with the use of a generator. There are many different types and capacities available. If you live in the country, a generator is a must and one can supply your home with lighting and enough power to operate several appliances until power is restored.

 For Up-To-Date Weather Conditions, Count On WeatherBug

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