Top Social Media Topics of 2017

The most talked about items according to Twitter and Facebook

The last year was a very busy one in the world of news. Thanks to the influence of social media, a number of the most interesting stories went viral. When that happens, the item gains a life of its own and once news goes viral online, it will overshadow other notable events and activities that would otherwise receive a fair share of attention. At WeatherBug we have put together a list of the top five social media stories of the past year.

1 – The Quest For A Year’s Supply of Chicken Nuggets

Carter Wilkinson became an internet star when his goal was to win a year-long supply of chicken nuggets from the well-known fast food chain Wendy’s. He didn’t reach the 18-million retweets he was after but he did make history. His original tweet ended up being the most retweeted tweet in the history of Twitter. The massive exposure the Wendy’s brand received was incredible and they thanked Wilkinson for his efforts by granting his wish of chicken nuggets for the next year.

2 – Manchester Receives Global Love

A terror attack in Manchester, England in May 2017 spawned an amazing response from around the globe. Social media suddenly connected people from all walks of life and a touching Twitter response from singer/actress Ariana Grande ended up becoming one of the most liked tweets of 2017. The benefit concert held in the memory of the victims of the attack, called One Love Manchester, ended up being the most viewed video and live broadcast on Facebook in 2017.

3 – Violence Breaks Out At Charlottesville Rally

A ‘Unite The Right’ rally on August 12, 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia turned ugly when white supremacists took on counter protestors. A vehicle driven into the crowd injured dozens and killed one woman, Heather Heyer. US President Barack Obama responded to the situation on Twitter quoting Nelson Mandela. The tweet became the most liked one of 2017. According to Twitter, the quote received well over 1.7-million likes and was shared countless times.

4 – Extreme Weather Named Hurricane Harvey

The Category 4 storm known as Hurricane Harvey ripped into Texas in August 2017. The world of social media stood up and paid attention turning the disaster into something far more positive. In addition to being the largest Facebook fundraising effort collecting over $20-million for the single crisis, more help came from Twitter. Detroit Lions punter Sam Martin pledged to donate 6-pounds of dog food to Houston for each retweet of his message on Twitter.

5 – Facebook Explodes SuperBowl 51

The much-hyped football spectacular ended up the third most-talked about event on Facebook in 2017. The social media giant says there were well over 262-million views of videos related to SB. Chatter traffic centered on everything from fans supporting their favorite teams to discussing the TV ads revealed as part of the event. You could say that the biggest sporting event of the calendar year got a little bit bigger thanks to the traction it received from social media.

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