Best Ski Resorts In The US and Canada

This Winter the only thing going downhill should be you on skis

There is no denying that the weather conditions this winter have been unusual, to say the least. However, skiers know where to go to get the best powder regardless of what Mother Nature does to the landscape. Here at WeatherBug we have put together our list of the ski resorts you must visit this season. We have broken our choices down to include our top US and Canada picks.

United States

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Wyoming

Abundant terrain and excessive snowfall are two terms that can describe this popular spot. Located near two national parks, it is a great place to spend some time and fit in the odd day trip of snowmobiling. Jackson Hole covers 2,500 acres and features 12 lifts. The summit sits at 10,450 feet and the ski hill has 4,139 vertical feet of runs.

Alta Ski Area, Utah

Many seasoned skiers call this a must-see site. Featuring the combination of stunning scenery, incredible terrain and some of the best powder available in the Lower 48, Alta Ski Area is worth the trip. The resort is modern and hosts many ski vacations and has 11 lifts. The area includes 2,200 acres of landscape with a 2,020 foot vertical and a summit at 10,550 feet.

Snowbird Ski Resort, Utah

Utah’s Little Cottonwood Canyon is the feature site at Snowbird which sits at the bottom of the ski resort. With 3,240 of vertical feet, the runs are steep and memorable. With views that stretch well beyond the 2,500 acre property, thanks to a summit perched at 11,000 feet, this is a ski hill that you can’t ignore. Featuring 11 lifts, Alta happens to sit next door.

Vail Mountain Resort, Colorado

No list is complete without including Vail Mountain Resort which happens to reside in the best-known mountain state in the country. With an amazing 31 lifts this massive property (5,289 acres) has various terrain, tons of snow, lots of on-site lodging and features something for everyone. The hill has 3,450 vertical feet and a summit pegged at 11,570 feet.

Telluride Ski Resort, Colorado

Speaking of the mountain state that gets a lot of quality snow, Telluride Ski Resort has no shortage of history and heritage. The old mining town that is right up against a box canyon provides a virtual snow trap. Restored buildings add charm to the venue for those looking for breaks from downhill runs. There are 18 lifts servicing 3,845 vertical feet. The summit of the 2,000 acre resort sits at 12,570 feet.



Whistler, British Columbia

No list of Canadian ski resorts would be complete without Whistler-Blackcomb on it. Sitting on the coastal range this is the largest ski resort in North America (8,171 acres) and is just about the tallest (continuous vertical of 5,354 feet). The topography is varied and snowfall is record setting. The village is a small city with everything you can imagine and a world class ski resort all around it. There are 37 lifts with a summit at 7,494 feet.

Whitewater Ski Resort, British Columbia

You’ve seen photos on ski magazine covers taken here without knowing it. Whitewater is in the Kootenays near the City of Nelson. It has deep, massively insane terrain. This is your go-to spot in the Canadian Rockies with just 1,184 acres as a footprint, 2,044 vertical feet and a summit at 6,567 feet. The resort has just 4 lifts but they will take you to picture-perfect runs you will never forget.

Revelstoke Mountain Resort, British Columbia

Featuring the largest vertical drop in North America (5,620 feet), and stunning views of the serrated Selkirk Mountains, Revelstoke Mountain Resort is a must-see destination. The town of Revelstoke is an old railway town with much history worth exploring. The resort is lined by the Columbia River and has 3,031 acres of snow-covered playgrounds. The 4 lifts get you where you need to be on the hillside and the summit is at 7,300 feet.

Fernie Alpine Resort, British Columbia

Feel like skiing in a foot of powder? Well, this is the place for you. Fernie Alpine Resort gets powder snowfall that attracts adventurous skiers. The Town of Fernie embraces the winter season with no shortage of places to go, stay, eat or explore. The mountain has 10 lifts taking you up 3,550 vertical feet. The summit sits at 7,050 feet and the property covers 2,504 acres. With Whitewater a few miles down the road, you can turn a winter vacation into skiing at two quality resorts.

Sunshine Village Ski Resort, Alberta

The sheer, shimmering faces of the Canadian Rocky Mountains serve as the backdrop for Banff, Alberta which is home to Sunshine Village. It is a historic site within spitting distance of glaciers. The resort fills 3,358 acres, features 12 lifts and 3,514 vertical feet. With a summit situated at 8,954 feet, these snow-covered peaks resemble the Alps. There is also first class lodging that attracts attention all year long.

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