Christmas Bucket List

Things You Must Do This December

A ‘bucket list’ contains a number of activities or items one may want to experience at least once in their lifetime before ‘kicking the bucket’ or passing on. The final month of each year presents a shortened timeframe for those seeking opportunities to stroke off of their personal list. At WeatherBug we see December as an opportunity to fulfill many Christmas activities we have yet to have enjoyed and proudly present to you our Christmas Bucket List!

Mail A Letter To Santa

Even adults can benefit from this timeless tradition. In the United States and Canada postal services provide volunteers who will read and respond to the vast volume of letters sent to the North Pole. Don’t worry, Santa knows you’ve written. The volunteers help him respond to each and every letter that arrives.

Sing Christmas Carols In Your Neighborhood

It doesn’t matter whether or not you have a houseful of family visiting your home this holiday. Just pick a night, bundle up warmly and circulate from house to house in your neighborhood singing Christmas carols door-to-door. You may even get invited inside for warm treats as a result!

Help With Meal Service At A Homeless Shelter

One wonderful way to give back during the holiday season is by volunteering your services to a worthy cause. There is no shortage of them to support and at Christmastime you can count your blessings by sharing some of your time helping at a homeless shelter. Your assistance will be most appreciated by more than just the organizing committee. Keep in mind that you may need to book this activity far in advance.

Drive Around Viewing Holiday Decorations

You probably did this as a child when your family loaded the car and toured the light displays in and around your neighborhood. You can still do this as an adult and it will likely bring back fond family memories of those bygone days with your folks and family.

Make Your Own Tree Trimmings

You may not remember but at one point early in your school years there would have been a project like this. There is no better way to go back in time and bring back the family tradition of a homemade Christmas than by making your own tree decorations.

Deliver Holiday Treats To An Elderly Care Facility

If your kitchen chores in early December include a lot of baking, you can share your talent for making homemade cookies with others before your family digs in. Package up a number of individual sets of treats and drop them off at a nursing home.

Make Snow Angels

Who hasn’t celebrated the first or most recent snowfall without making snow angels? This throwback to a less complicated time in your life can become your new adult stress reliever. Everyone loves snow angels because it lets you be playful for a little while.

Keep WeatherBug Close At Hand

WeatherBug is your reliable source for current conditions during this holiday season. Track weather patterns with map layers which keep you informed on all conditions in your area.



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