What I Am Thankful For On Thanksgiving

Reflecting On Our Many Blessings

The “First Thanksgiving” was a celebration hosted by the Pilgrims in October 1621 following their first harvest in the New World. The three day long feast was attended by 53 Pilgrims and 90 Native Americans. Thanksgiving Day as we know it has been celebrated off and on since 1789 as a harvest festival. It became an annual federal holiday in 1864 and chosen to take place the last Thursday in November. It has traditionally become the unofficial start of the Christmas Holiday and since 1952 Thanksgiving Day has become the day before Black Friday.

Just like the Pilgrims were thankful for bountiful harvests in the early days of Thanksgiving, the tradition of counting one’s blessings is a common theme on the holiday. Here at WeatherBug we have several things to be thankful for, although they may not be on your list. Here is ours:

1 – Sunshine

Sunshine is good for more than just getting a tan. It feeds our bodies with Vitamin D even on the coldest of days. Sunshine increases temperatures and it assists with melting and evaporation. Plus, plants convert it into fuel so that they can grow and produce food.

2 – Rain

Rain is useful in many different ways. Not only does it help to make things grow, rain can be cleansing by washing away dirt and other build up on homes, vehicles and streets. Plus, rain helps to regulate temperature. During a hot, dry spell, rain brings much relief.

3 – Clouds

Clouds are good for many different reasons. In addition to providing valuable shade on bright, sunny days, clouds help regulate temperatures and act as a protective cover between the sun and Earth. They also can tell us a lot about changing weather patterns and conditions.

4 – Snow

Snow provides a lot of winter recreation and that’s not all it is good for. It provides a protective blanket on the ground that helps regulate temperature. When the snow begins to melt in spring it replenishes watersheds. This renewed water supply can combat drought conditions.

This Thanksgiving, Be Thankful For The Weather

Being blessed with good health, healthy families, friends, regular work and time to relax are all good things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Let WeatherBug keep you up to date on the latest weather conditions with alerts that can truly be a blessing.



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