Top 10 Dream Holiday Locations

Places To Go To Get Away From Winter

When the weather cools, we tend to start thinking about where we would like to go in order to stay warm during winter. Luckily there are no shortage of tropical locations around the globe to keep you tanned and entertained if you are not a fan of snow and cold weather. Here is our list of the top ten dream holiday locations.

1 – Australia

In addition to being the top choice for many who wish to escape the chills of winter, Australia enjoys spring and summer at the same time as many of us are entering fall and winter. The tropical climate scores most of the points making a Down Under holiday a great choice.

2 – Bora Bora

This isolated South Pacific island is the perfect getaway if you are interested in not bumping into a lot of other people. You will be treated to serenity in a stunning setting anywhere on this tiny tropical location. Bora Bora has been named the ‘best island in the world’ to visit.

3 – Around the World Cruise

For those who want to see more than just one part of the world, a cruise can bring you to several destinations in a single trip. A three month cruise can include close to 80 destinations on six continents. This is a great way to beat the winter blahs and be a tourist at the same time.

4 – Tahiti

A popular tourist destination, Tahiti is the largest of the over 100 islands in French Polynesia. The intimate setting that lends itself to romance is also a unique landscape. Formed from volcanic activity, there is a lot to explore above and below water in this location.

5 – Italy

There is no doubt that this boot-shaped country has a lot to offer. From food to wine to the people and language, Italy is a popular winter getaway. Imagine yourself staying in a villa, enjoying a bottle of Tuscan’s finest offering.

6 – European River Cruises

If a cruise around the world is not exactly what you are looking for, you could scale it down a bit and cruise either the Danube or Rhine Rivers in Europe. You will gain exposure to some of the oldest cities in the region and visit several heritage sites along the way.

7 – South Africa

Who hasn’t got an African safari on their Bucket List? In South Africa you can see both ends of the spectrum from the big city of Cape Town to the wild wilderness of Kruger National Park. There is a lot of space to explore and discover under wide open skies.

8 – United Arab Emirates

This Arab country has been on the vacation radar for many in the past few decades. The development in tourism has made it an attractive destination with features including indoor skiing and the world’s tallest building, which is located in Dubai.

9 – Mediterranean Cruise

The third cruise destination on our list takes you around the Greek Isles. It’s the culture which includes food and wine and the people that are a big draw here. There’s also the historic element. Seek a villa of white-washed stucco and fishing charters to make this the trip of a lifetime.

10 – Fiji

We can thank the motion picture “Mr. Robinson Crusoe” for bringing this island destination to the attention of all of us. The natural beauty of this paradise is what brings many to Fiji for a holiday or extended vacation far away from winter conditions back home.

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