Top Sites To Enjoy Fall Colours In Canada

Have Your Camera Ready To Capture The Foliage

The changing of the seasons from summer to fall is without a doubt the most beautiful time of the year. For residents of Canada, it’s a normal transition to cooler weather and a reminder that winter is not far away. However, if your intention is to snap photos of the waves of bright colours before they disappear, you have several good venues across the Great White North to enjoy them.

1 – Alberta

The Rocky Mountains offer spectacular views with October being the peak of the season. Forests in Banff and Jasper National Parks offer many great viewing sites that can be accessed just off of the highways that wind through them. Plus, since it is free to visit national parks in 2017 as part of Canada’s 150th birthday, this is an even better reason to pack the car and camera for some first class displays. Expect a kaleidoscope of reds, oranges and yellows with top spots for viewing located at the Banff Gondola or Jasper Tramway.

2 – Ontario

Aside from being the largest province in the country, Ontario boasts the most viewing sites for fall foliage with many top ones in and around the Toronto area. Algonquin Park does not have vehicle access but that should be no problem. The miles of foot paths will get you up close and personal with the colourful waves of natural beauty.

Some of the most stunning displays can be enjoyed along the Bruce Peninsula which features the Bruce Trail. It is actually one of the best known popular hiking trails in the nation as it will bring you close to wildlife, nature and offers tremendous views. The ancient forests in the area will reveal fall colour activity that should not be missed.

3 – Quebec

The Laurentian Mountains north of Montreal are a favourite of many who seek to view and photograph fall foliage vistas. This is a result of the varied tree species that are present in this part of the country. Expect to see colours like no other as fall explodes all around you in this region.

4 – Prince Edward Island

If you desire to see fall colours that can be viewed longer than just a few weeks, then Prince Edward Island is the destination to consider. The warm ocean waters that surround the island act in such a way that the changing of the season colour display is extended. It has been called one of the longest transitions in Canada. The moderate climate also makes time outdoors more enjoyable as you wander through the exceptional palate of fall colours.

5 – Nova Scotia

Cape Breton’s northern shoreline that contains the Cabot Trail is a must-see site. Discover multi-hued golds, oranges, reds and crimsons as a result. Top viewing locations would be anywhere within the Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

6 – New Brunswick

If touring by car, the Fundy Coastal Drive would be your best bet. It takes you along the Bay of Fundy and will not disappoint with walls of reds and oranges that cannot accurately be described with just the words stunning or beautiful. They have to be witnessed firsthand to truly appreciate.

Take Us Along With You

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