Halloween Outfit Wish List

 Halloween Costumes You’ll Wish You Had Come Up With

When the calendar flips over to the month of October thoughts tend to shift towards Halloween. As a result, this season of dressing up and make believe has become the one occasion where a good costume can put you on the social map. Each year the trends are analyzed and a top list of the ‘must-have’ Halloween costumes is announced. What are the trendsetters for 2017? Here is a short list of the top picks.

1 – Wonder Woman

Hollywood tends to drive the Halloween costume trends and thanks to the 2017 motion picture release of “Wonder Woman” this year’s top outfit comes from Israeli-born actress Gal Godot who plays the Amazonian warrior in training, Diana. Expect to see a lot of trick-or-treaters and partygoers in this iconic outfit.

2 – Eleven from Stranger Things

The small screen is another source of inspiration for Halloween outfits and the popular TV series “Stranger Things” has one character that has become a break out over the two seasons of the show. The young actress who plays the role of Eleven is 12-year old Millie Bobby Brown who was born to British parents in Spain.

3 – Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Disney productions also produce a number of favorite Halloween choices. The most popular this year is the character Belle from the 2017 release “Beauty and the Beast.” This character is played by Emma Watson, a young Paris-born British actress, whose acting career includes a role in the Harry Potter series of films.

4 – Game of Thrones

From a novel to a video game to a cable television series, “Game of Thrones” has created no less than two popular Halloween character choices. Jon Snow, played by British actor Christopher ‘Kit’ Harington, and Daenerys Targaryen, played by British actress Emilia Clarke, are the top picks from this franchise.

5 – Pennywise the Dancing Clown

Once again, Hollywood is responsible for a character that is already covered in make-up and has a hefty dose of ‘scary’ for attitude. The Steven King 1986 novel “It” was at one time a TV Series but this year it became a big screen movie with Swedish actor Bill Skarsgard in the clown outfit.

Play It Safe This Halloween

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