Fun Things Do To With Your Family This Weekend In UK

 Top 10 UK Family Outdoor Activities

Active families stay active regardless of the weather. In the United Kingdom you have many different venues to choose from. Some are pretty adventurous and others are tame in comparison. The one thing they all have in common is that they are designed to get your heart pumping and to give you something exciting to do as a family.

1 – Mountain Biking

Featuring 15 marked trails on four acres of land, the Shropshire Hills Mountain Bike Centre is a must for bikers of all skill levels. Located in Marshbrook, this site contains Minton Batch which is considered one of the best single track descents in the entire country.

2 – Flowboarding

This is an indoor setting where a thin sheet of water is sent over a stationary wave. It is a great way to learn how to surf and bodyboard in a controlled atmosphere. FlowHouse in Bedford is our top pick because they also offer simulated flying and base jumping.

3 – Snow Sphereing

If you’ve even dreamt of rolling downhill in a giant ball, you’ve been thinking about zorbing or sphereing. It’s even fun on snow and at Chill Factore in Manchester you have an opportunity to include snowboarding or ski lessons, ice tubing or ice sliding.

4 – Zego Riding

Think catamaran for one with extra speed and you’ll have a picture of what this is about. Grendon Lakes near Wellingborough offers zegos for everyone in your family as well as wakeboarding and jetskiing. They even plan sports days for groups of six or more children.

5 – Walking

There is no shortage of family-friendly walking sights within the UK. Our favourite happens to be Brownsea Island in Dorset. The woodland walking paths will take you to where you will see rare red squirrels and historic landmarks.

6 – Mountainboarding

Imagine snowboarding on four wheels and no snow and you’ve got mountainboarding. There are a number of sites in the UK designated just for this activity including Marlborough Downs Mountain Boarding Centre. Located in Devizes, Wiltshire, there are camping facilities on site.

7 – Ghyll Scrambling

This is exploring a mountain river by crossing rocky obstacles, climbing waterfalls and plunging into icy water pools. The Lake District features this activity in several locations but the Keswick Adventure Centre in Keswick also has ziplines and white water tubing.

8 – Raptor Flying

Birds of prey are the draw at Eagle Heights Wildlife Park which features Raptors of the World Day. This is when you can fly vultures, eagles and take a group of hawks for a walk. Located in Eynsford, Kent there is also a reptile house and other exotic wild animals to see.

9 – Kite Buggying

You can reach speeds up to 70 Mph in a kite buddy. They are set low to the ground and are powered by the wind and you steer them with your feet. The design of these units allow them to leave the ground and skilled riders can perform tricks with them. Southern Breeze (SB) Kites in Poole, Dorset is one of the top places on the south coast for this adventure.

10 – Wipeout Course

The word wipeout should be a clue that there are some major spills involved. The Ultimate Adventure Centre in Bideford took inspiration from the TV Show ‘Total Wipeout’ and created a water-based assault course that will leave you soaking wet. You may also bounce off of some very large round objects. You’ll also laugh a lot while getting drenched.

Take Us Along With You

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