An Inconvenient Truth Holding Back Consumer IoT Adoption


WeatherBug’s parent company, Earth Networks, has returned from CES 2016 in Las Vegas, where we can tell you that smart home product and technology innovation was front and center. From refrigerators that can communicate when you’re running low on Milk and eggs, to the ability to control lights, locks and thermostats from your mobile app or TV screen, consumers will not suffer from a shortage of smart home products in the coming months.

But availability is not translating into adoption; consumers are not yet convinced smart home technology can deliver value today beyond adding some degree of convenience to their daily lives. The convenience message can sway early adopters, but mass adoption requires delivering real value and benefits – in the form of more efficient energy usage, cost savings and comfort – that consumers can experience today. This has been our focus at Earth Networks, and we are thrilled our unique ability to deliver these benefits through real-time energy analytics was recognized at CES – as our newly enhanced WeatherBug app was a finalist in the Mobile Apps Showdown.

By integrating with leading smart home partners, the WeatherBug app is delivering a set of unique benefits to consumers today:

Tapping into external weather data for energy efficiency

50% of a home’s energy usage is driven by the weather; By integrating our weather ‘big data’ (Earth Networks’ proprietary cloud processes 25 terabytes of real-time data daily) with leading smart thermostat innovators Nest and Honeywell, consumers can see in real-time how weather impacts their current energy usage in order to make smarter home energy efficiency and utility costs decisions.

Partnering to Optimize Home Energy Usage

By integrating our proprietary weather data with connected thermostats and smart meters, Earth Networks creates a unique thermodynamic model for the home that offers consumers analytics that are easy-to-understand, and in turn benefit from. Once customers of our thermostat partners are connected, WeatherBug’s thermostat temperature analytics estimate daily and monthly HVAC costs, as well as energy use, by thermodynamically modeling energy used against current and forecasted weather.

This approach delivers significant energy efficiency, intelligent demand response and weather impact insights to homeowners – while enabling consumers to experience an additional 10% energy savings.  A consumer’s daily check of the weather can now include a home comfort and energy usage assessment.

Simplifies smart home controls for consumers

As is the case with integrating smart thermostat data with external weather conditions and utility provider data, the benefits can be compounded when more Internet of Things (IoT) devices are integrated within the home. Earth Networks’ IoT approach unifies data from multiple sources into a single service, enabling consumers to monitor, control and optimize their energy usage from one single app. This unique analysis includes predictive energy usage and costs and the ability to optimize for the weather, the single biggest driver of home energy use.




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