Spring Allergy Tips

It’s such a wonderful time of the year! Life comes anew with blooming flowers and the greening of leaves and grass. However, an all-so-familiar enemy comes knocking to ruin outdoor fun and that enemy is allergies.

Allergy season is here, and making its best attempt to keep children and adults alike from having fun outdoors. But you don’t have to sit around indoors moping because of the pollen! Here are some fight the spring sniffles.


Credit: DenSon via WeatherBug Photos

Reduce Exposure

The simplest method, although not the most fun of them, is to reduce exposure. Staying indoors on dry and windy days can help to avoid those itchy, watery eyes as pollen stirs up into the air.

  • Instead, try to plan outdoor activities after a good rain, which helps to flush the pollen out!
  • Avoid outdoor activities that could stir up histamines that cause allergies, like mowing the lawn, pulling weeds or cleaning the gutters.
  • If it cannot be avoided, try wearing a dust mask, as it acts as a personal filter.
  • Also, avoid hanging laundry outside to dry to prevent allergens from clinging to clothing and linens.

In addition, changing clothes, as well as showering, after extensive outdoor activities or at night before bed can help greatly to reduce contact with allergens!

Credit: JU via WeatherBug Photos

Credit: JU via WeatherBug Photos

Monitor the Pollen Count

If you or your children suffer from allergies, it’s best to avoid going outdoors, especially when the pollen counts are high. Monitoring the pollen activity can help to avoid the irritation all together. Information on pollen activity in your area can be found on local television, radio and newspapers, as well as in the lifestyle section on WeatherBug.com and the WeatherBug mobile and desktop apps!

Keep Indoor Air Clean

Keeping a clean indoor environment can help to alleviate that bogged down feeling when not outside.

  • Try to do a thorough “spring cleaning” to get rid of dust, mold and other particulate that cause allergies.
  • It might be hard to resist the temptation, but avoid keeping doors and windows open overnight.
  • Vacuum often and try to keep things indoors dry by using a dehumidifier.
  • Look into purchasing a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate filter) and follow regular maintenance schedules with your home’s air systems to make sure allergenic pollutants stay where they belong, OUTSIDE!
Credit: DenSon via WeatherBug Photos

Credit: DenSon via WeatherBug Photos




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