‘Weather Bomb’ Blasts UK

Winds lashing up to 80 mph, 60-foot waves overtaking seawalls, hail and ice. The United Kingdom is getting hit by a bomb — a “weather bomb,” that is.

Severe weather is hitting Scotland, northern Ireland and the northern U.K. Floods, hurricane-force winds and storm conditions are disrupting travel and cutting off power to thousands of homes. The threat is expected to last through Friday.

A weather bomb, aka “explosive cyclogenesis” or a “bomb cyclone” are storm systems that quickly gain tremendous strength with rapidly dropping pressure. Weather bombs can take place during the winter and are most common in the Northwest Pacific and Northwest Atlantic.

Imagine winds so intense they help push a waterfall back up a mountain!

Weather warnings have been issued by the UK Met Office, where officials are urging the public to be prepared for westerly winds gusting up to 70 to 80 mph, combined with exceptionally high waves.  Officials are warning travellers to be especially careful near causeways and coastal roads exposed to the west.

Many in the UK are taking precautions, but they also weathering this storm with a sense of humor!


Stay Safe!

The WeatherBug Team



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