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As soon as a batch of fresh-baked cookies comes out of the oven in New York City, or a king crab is pulled out of cold Alaskan waters, a race begins. That’s because many foods – from baked goods to seafood, to cheeses and meats – are extremely perishable and must reach their destination and be eaten within a very short timeframe.

When you order a fish in a restaurant, you might not think about how your dinner got from a faraway shore to your plate. Whether it’s a dozen brownies from an out-of-state bakery or a few pounds of lobster from Maine, a complicated series of events begin to take place to ensure your food gets to you as fast as possible.

If the shipment arrives on time, your food is fresh and ready to be enjoyed. If something goes wrong, your order of Maryland crab cakes will be spoiling on the way to your front door – and you’ll need to order pizza for dinner instead.

Shipping foods that spoil easily may be harder than you think. “We here at PeriShip know how a box transits from chilly northern Alaska to the arid desert of Arizona. Therefore, we can advise our customers on how to properly package their shipments for that transit path,” Says Amanda C. Morra, Director of Business Improvement at PeriShip. “While it may be sunny and hot in Arizona, snow storms are impacting that box at its origin, and WeatherBug helps us pinpoint these weather systems.”

Kai Chan Vong (Flickr)

Kai Chan Vong (Flickr)

PeriShip shared some of their best shipping stories with us:

  • When a snowed-in resort restaurant atop a Colorado mountain couldn’t get its seafood because the ski lift wasn’t operating, PeriShip made sure the package arrived on time by employing a snowmobile to deliver the perishable food in time for dinner service!
  • During Hurricane Andrew, they successfully delivered a shipment of seafood to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge in Orlando, Florida, despite the oncoming, threatening storm bringing high winds and heavy rain.
  • A young boy was away from home for the first time at summer camp and his birthday was quickly approaching. When the original box of cupcakes his parents sent him was delayed in transit, PeriShip deployed resources to take a box of fresh cupcakes directly from the shop in Connecticut all the way to Maryland — just in time for him to blow out the candles!

Annually, billions of pounds of perishable goods are shipped in the U.S. as consumers clamor for a wide variety of fresh and preservative-free foods.

“Whether you live in Denver and want to recreate your Maine vacation with fresh lobster, or want a cake just like the delicious one you had on your honeymoon in NYC, our customers can feel confident in making it happen, with PeriShip at their side,” says Morra.

WeatherBug is proud to help shippers like PeriShip bring the freshest food to your table!



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