Destructive Tornado Rips Through Boston Area

With winds as high as 120 miles per hour, a rare EF-2 tornado ripped its way through the seaside city of Revere, roughly 20 minutes northeast of Boston, Massachusetts on Monday, July 28. The tornado, with terrifying force, uprooted hundreds of trees, rendered homes roofless and spurred an intensive recovery effort that could last weeks.

Surveillance cameras capture trees falling at the Lincoln School in Revere:


This was the first tornado to hit Suffolk County in at least 60 years. Weather officials started keeping records in 1950. Fortunately, no injuries have been reported! “Given the magnitude of the storm, it’s really a miracle,” said Mayor Dan Rizzo. The twister snapped large oak trees and tossed large segments of metal guardrails into the air with ease.

Surveillance cameras at a Revere auto body shop were able to capture the moment a tornado swept through the city before being cut off when the power went out:


City officials said it was too soon to put a price tag on the damage, but insurers were going door to door to help residents tally their losses. Residents could be seen collecting branches and sweeping debris within an hour of the tornado, while utility crews were clearing roads and repairing downed power lines.

Trees are toppled over, roofs are ripped off of buildings, debris litters the streets, and people are still trying to figure out just how much this will all cost:


The tornado struck while severe thunderstorms swept through much of the Boston-area, causing flash floods from Framingham to the North Shore. Many residents were shocked at the speed and scope of the damage the tornado brought. “Are we in Kansas?” asked Judy Lane-Grech, 54. She said the tornado came on so quickly, she hardly had time to take cover as her windows on her home exploded around her.

According to Revere Fire Chief Gene Doherty, 65 homes had substantial damage and 13 homes and businesses were inhabitable. The city set up a shelter at a local school for displaced residents. Power outages affected 3,000 homes at its peak, with power being restored by midnight as utility crews worked diligently throughout the night.

We pray for a quick recovery and are relieved to learn that nobody was injured!


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