Deadly Beauty: Lightning Strikes Around the World

Beautiful Lightning Strikes Around the World

From New York City to Paris, Venezuela to South Africa, lightning can appear suddenly and strike anywhere. As dangerous as it is, lightning illuminates the skies and stuns viewers worldwide.

As National Lightning Safety Awareness Week draws to a close, take a minute to appreciate the awesome power and deadly beauty of lightning.

Take a look at some beautiful lightning displays around the world:

  • Lightning over the Catumbo River in Venezuela. Credit: Huffington Post
  • Lightning strikes near the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris. Credit: Wikimedia
  • Lightning strikes Table Bay in Cape Town, South Africa Credit: Warren Tyler via Flickr
  • Lightning strikes the Willis Tower in Chicago. Credit: buzzbuzznews
  • Lightning strikes the Vatican. Credit: The Guardian
  • Lightning near the World Trade Center in New York City. Credit: Anthony Quintano via flickr
  • Lightning over Atlanta, Georgia Credit: Wikimedia
  • A time-lapse view of lightning in upstate New York. Credit: Matt MacGillivray via flickr


If you want the full effect, listen to this track, close your eyes, and get swept away with the rains:


Wishing you all a wonderful and safe weekend!

Stay Safe. Know Before™.

-The WeatherBug – Earth Networks Team

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