Twin Tornadoes Rip through Nebraska, Wreak Havoc on Small Town ‘Too Tough to Die’

Debris flew through the darkened skies as two twisters tore through Pilger, Nebraska on Monday. They were followed by yet another tornado near Laurel, Neb., Tuesday night. The twin twisters sent the small town into a state of shock.

Severe weather pummeled the heart of tornado alley.. As the tornadoes charted their path of destruction, Pilger remained in a state of emergency on Monday.

Terrifying footage shows the two giants touching down from a menacing grey storm cloud.

Meteorologists say that the double-tornado phenomenon occurs every 10 or 20 years. However, it is rare to have two equally powerful tornadoes so close at one time.

There is no decisive evidence on whether twin tornadoes are more destructive, but their double-wide girth definitely made their mark. Monday’s tornadoes destroyed most of the 350-person town, flattening dozens of homes and leaving their only school damaged beyond repair.


The only thing more devastating than the damage was the human toll of this storm – as Monday’s tornadoes tore through Nebraska, it left human lives in its wake.

Five-year-old Calista Dixon and 74-year-old David A. Herout were left dead, and sixteen others were injured.

The tornadoes left fear, but also resilience, in its wake in the tiny town. “The little town too tough to die” has been the farm town’s motto for ages, but now the residents will have to take it to heart as they start from scratch again.

WeatherBug offers our condolences to not only these victims, but all victims and families impacted by severe weather. Though storms can strike suddenly and sharply, we are committed to helping keep America safe by warning of these storms before it is too late.


Stay Strong, Nebraska.



Stay Safe. Know Before™.

-The WeatherBug – Earth Networks Team

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