Know Before™: WeatherBug’s 2014 Summer Weather Outlook

The WeatherBug Meteorology team at Earth Networks just released its 2014 U.S. Summer Outlook. WeatherBug analyzes La Niña/El Niño patterns (referred to as ENSO), climate models, sea surface temperatures and other factors to develop this forecast.

National Outlook infographic - Credit: WeatherBug

National Outlook infographic – Credit: WeatherBug

Here are the predictions for this summer season:

  • Turning up the Heat: From Seattle to Sacramento, expect above-normal temperatures across coastal Washington, Oregon and throughout California. Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado will also see higher heat. Northern and central Texas, Oklahoma and large swathes of the Central Plains will battle warmer-than-normal temperatures –increasing energy use as homes and businesses contend with the heat.
  • Limited Drought Relief: Areas already hard hit by prolonged, below-normal precipitation – including California and Texas – will see little relief. While California is on target for normal rainfall, it will receive far less than needed to make up for the months-long shortage.  The continued drought will cause a higher-than-normal threat of wildfires in California.  Parts of Texas and the neighboring Gulf states of Louisiana and Mississippi are expected to receive below-normal precipitation, which will further challenge water resources. In contrast, above-average rainfall is expected in Utah, Idaho, and portions of Colorado and New Mexico.  
  • Cooler Regions: Near-record ice covering the Great Lakes this spring will contribute to lower-than-normal temperatures in nearby states, including Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.  Cooler temperatures are expected to prevail across northern areas of the Ohio Valley, and upstate New York. Detroit will likely see lower-than-normal summer temperatures, as will Chicago, Cleveland, and Minneapolis.
  • Normal Summer Temps Expected: Major East Coast cities, including Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C., are on track to receive normal summer weather.  Farther south – in Charlotte, N.C., Atlanta, central and Gulf Coast Florida, and Miami – will see normal temperatures. The Midwest cities of St. Louis, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Indianapolis will have seasonal temperatures, as will Houston and Denver.
Texas Outlook infographic - Credit: WeatherBug

Texas Outlook infographic – Credit: WeatherBug

Senior WeatherBug Meteorologist James Aman further explains:

Last summer, the U.S. experienced above-normal temperatures from Texas across the Rockies to the West Coast, with drought from Texas across the Rockies into southern California. For this summer, we see a number of climate factors lining up, pointing to increased chances for above-normal temperatures from Texas and the Southern Plains, across the southwest U.S., and over the entire West Coast. Meanwhile, near-normal temperatures are favored for the East Coast, and below-normal temperatures are favored in the Great Lakes and Northern Plains. In terms of rainfall, much of the nation is favored to have near-normal precipitation, but that will not be enough to break the drought in California and Texas. We will also be watching a developing El Niño that could impact the U.S. later this summer and into fall and winter.

California Outlook infographic - Credit: WeatherBug

California Outlook infographic – Credit: WeatherBug

Fast Fact: Over the past weekend, California held both the U.S. high and low temperature, a rare occurrence – 113°F in Death Valley (high temp) on 5/30/14, and 28°F in Truckee (low temp) on 5/31/14!


In light of these revelations, WeatherBug wants you to stay as safe as possible. Please check out the below and Know Before™!

Heat Safety

Beach Safety

Wildfire Safety

Energy Saving Tips this Summer


Stay Safe. Know Before™.

-The WeatherBug – Earth Networks Team

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