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It’s that time of year again! A day to reflect on all the things your mother has done for you and show her your appreciation with a gift, hug and kiss. The only thing better than the sweet sentiment this Sunday, May 11th, is the days’ revolutionary feminist history and its connection to the church.

Mother’s Day, as we know it in America, is the result of years of women’s activism that coincided with other women’s movement, such as the women’s suffrage and labor movements, around the turn of the 20th century.

Ann Marie Reeves Jarvis - Credit: http://www.wvgenweb.org/

Ann Marie Reeves JarvisCredit: http://www.wvgenweb.org/

In the years right before the American Civil War, Ann Reeves Jarvis, from West Virginia, began organizing “Mother’s Day Work Clubs’ to help improve health and sanitation through women’s education. At about the same time, Boston poet and feminist Julia Ward Howe published “A Mother’s Day Proclamation.”

Julia Ward Howe (1819- 1910) - Credit: Lennon Wong via Flickr

Julia Ward Howe (1819- 1910)Credit: Lennon Wong via Flickr

Following Ann’s death in 1905, her daughter Anna began petitioning for a national holiday that celebrates mothers everywhere. She sent letters to President William Taft and former President Theodore Roosevelt, and even enlisted financial help from John Wanamaker, a Philadelphia department store owner. She also began organizing her own Mother’s Day celebration at a church in Grafton, West Virginia.

The Mother’s Day custom reportedly spread to other churches around the country, causing lawmakers to pass a resolution to make it a national holiday in 1914. This year’s Mother’s Day is the 100th anniversary of Mother’s Day so please take a moment to honor all the mothers in your life and all the pioneering women who made this holiday a reality!

Here’s a photo montage in honor of weather’s mom, Mother Earth – enjoy!:

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Happy Mother’s Day!

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