Go Fly A Kite! Celebrate National Kite Month

April is National Kite Month. Across the country and around the world, cities and communities are encouraged to hold kite-flying events (called “flies” by enthusiasts), workshops and demonstrations. Skies will be filled with unique, colorful kites spectacular in both size and construction.

Credit: "Spinny, Spiney Kite" by Jeff Rozema via Flickr

Credit: “Spinny, Spiney Kite” by Jeff Rozema via Flickr

According to WeatherBug meteorologist James West, April is an ideal month for kite flying. The weather is getting better and there is still plenty of wind. In fact, it’s typically the windiest time of the year for most of the U.S., with the exception of some western Mountain locations.

Credit: "Scenes from A Light Photographic Meetup - Morro Bay, CA Kite Festival, April 27, 2013" by Mike Baird

Credit: “Scenes from A Light Photographic Meetup – Morro Bay, CA Kite Festival, April 27, 2013” by Mike Baird

Kite flying has a long and storied history. According to NationalKiteMonth.org, the earliest account of kite flying dates back to 200 B.C., when a Chinese general flew a kite over a walled city to gain valuable intel to defeat the enemy. Kite flying slowly spread via traders from China to Korea, then to India and the rest of the globe.


Inventors took to kite flying. Benjamin Franklin flew a kite made of two strips of cedar and a silk handkerchief to construct his famous kite flown in June 1752 to discover electricity (almost miraculously, he wasn’t injured!). Other famous kite flyers include inventors Alexander Graham Bell and the Wright Brothers.


National Kite month also kicks off kite festival season. You can enjoy kites at numerous festivals around the U.S. over the upcoming spring and summer months:

Morro Bay Kite Festival – Held the last weekend in April in Morro Bay, Calif.

Atlantic Coast Kite Festival – May 3-4, 2014 in Virginia Beach, Va.

Great Lakes Kite Festival – May 16-18, Grand Haven, Mich.

Wildwoods International Kite Festival – May 23-27, Wildwood New Jersey

Lincoln City Kite Festival – June 28-29, Central Oregon Coast.

Wright Kite Festival – July 19-20, Kill Devil Hills, NC

Washington State International Kite Festival: August 18-24, Long Beach, Wash.

As you enjoy the outdoors this season, please have fun, stay safe (and take us along on your phone) to Know Before!

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