Limepocalypse is Upon Us: Impact of a Bad Harvest

A bad harvest year in Mexico has made limes a valuable commodity, forcing wholesale suppliers to charge local businesses almost double the usual price per case. Certain factors such as weather, disease and criminal activity have contributed to the sharp increase in price.

The past winter was unusually rainy in lime-growing regions of Mexico, causing blossoms to be knocked down from lime trees. Citrus Greening (a serious citrus plant disease) infected the crops. Once the lime scarcity became widespread and prices rose, drug cartels began robbing export trucks!

Under normal circumstances, a case of limes would cost you about $40. They are currently around $100 per case! If prices continue to rise, your cost of food and drinks could also rise. Think about your favorite margarita, daiquiri or key lime pie!

Many local businesses are unwilling to change their recipes and are either absorbing the increased cost, or updating their menu to include items without limes. The price hike is not expected to last into the summer, but it’s making the food and beverage industry nervous, even inspiring the Twitter hashtag: #limepocalypse!


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