Lightning Strike Caught on Camera!

The Tennessee Smokies, a Minor League Baseball team in the Knoxville, Tennessee, area caught a lightning strike on camera at their Smokies Park stadium in Kodak, Tennessee!

Lightning is both exciting and deadly. On average, more than 50 people are killed each year by lightning in the United States. Hundreds more are seriously injured and may suffer long-term effects of a lightning strike.
Credit: Eduardo Marquetti via Flickr

Credit: Eduardo Marquetti via Flickr

Springtime ushers in the severe weather season for much of the U.S., and with it comes increased amounts of lightning. As you spend more time outdoors, brush up on what to do before, during and after the storm with these Lightning Safety 101 Tips. Don’t become a statistic!
You can also turn to technology to help stay safer from lightning. We’ve worked hard to develop Spark for our WeatherBug apps. Spark is the only mobile tool that taps into that can tell you how close the nearest lightning is to you – whether it’s a few miles away, across the country, or thousands of miles away in another country!
Spark is the lightning alerting feature that's exclusive to WeatherBug

Spark is the lightning alerting feature that’s exclusive to WeatherBug

Best of all, it’s available at no cost!

On Android: On Google Play, simply search for ‘WeatherBug’. WeatherBug for Android is free to install.
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