Tornadoes Strike – WeatherBug Ahead of the Action!

On February 21, a series of tornadoes struck the U.S. southeast, surprising many people. We at WeatherBug however saw this danger coming… ahead of everyone else.

Credit: WeatherBug

Credit: WeatherBug

We’ve shown consistently that our alerts are 50% faster. We analyzed 6 tornadoes and found that WeatherBug’s Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts (DTAs) alerted, on average, 25.5 minutes faster than any other weather source. In weather like this, minutes matter!

Actual footage of the storm in Tennessee. Jump to 3:20 to hear the tornado warning horn:


How are we able to do this? Simply put, our Total Lightning Network. The vast majority of lightning stays in the sky and jumps from cloud-to-cloud. Meteorologists and climate scientists have long known that this in-cloud lightning is an early sign of impending severe weather.

Credit: bunnygoth via Flickr

Credit: bunnygoth via Flickr

Our network continuously monitor and report where and when lightning strikes occur in the clouds and on the ground, and uses this real-time lightning data to generate DTAs. What does this mean to you? Better protection of life and property. Only WeatherBug issues both exclusive DTAs and watches and warnings from the National Weather Service (NWS).

DTAs are available to WeatherBug users and enterprises across many industries – including schools and universities, sports and recreation, emergency response, aviation and more. For more information, visit:

Stay Safe and Know Before™.

The WeatherBug – Earth Networks Team



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