Simple Ways to Save Water

Water conservation is something we usually only think about during the summer months and times of drought. The truth is we need to be conscious of our water consumption all year long.

Credit: VinothChandar via Flickr

Credit: VinothChandar via Flickr

There are many reasons why, but the biggest reason is also the simplest: our fresh water supply is a finite natural resource. The truth is, we CAN run out of fresh water.

Shows the water cycle.

Shows the water cycle.

So how can you do your part? Here are some simple ways you can conserve water in the comfort of your home:

  • Check all plumbing and faucets for leaks – one drop per second wastes 2,700 gal per year.
  • Replace older toilets with new, low-volume toilets.
  • Purchase Energy Star labeled washing machines
  • Take quick showers – 5 minutes or less is best, using low-pressure shower heads.
  • Don’t leave the water running while washing, shaving or brushing your teeth.
  • Water your yard and plants in the early or late part of the day to reduce evaporation.
  • Plant drought tolerant grasses, shrubs and trees; these require less watering.
Show's the latest drought conditions in the U.S. - Credit: NOAA

Show’s the latest drought conditions in the U.S. – Credit: NOAA

For a complete list of water conservation tips, visit FEMA’s “Are You Ready” site.


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