Fun Activities for the Family (that are FREE)!

It’s important for the family to regularly get together for some bonding time, but frequent outings can become expensive and stretch the your wallet thin. Whether you have a limited budget, or just saving money, there are many activities that the entire family can engage and enjoy.

Credit: mikebaird via Flickr

Credit: mikebaird via Flickr

Here are our Top 5 FREE Winter Family Activities:

  • Movie Night – Go to your local library to rent movies. The rental is typically free and there are tons of family-oriented movies to choose from!
Credit: familymwr via Flickr

Credit: familymwr via Flickr

  • Philanthropy – Money isn’t the only thing you can donate — you can donate your time! Get the whole clan involved and go volunteer at a local charity event. Not only will you make lasting family memories, you’ll also give a helping hand in doing good in the community.
  • Family Dinner – Look in your pantry and refrigerator, then think of a creative meal together. Be sure to assign each member of your family a job!
Credit: regan76 via Flickr

Credit: regan76 via Flickr

  • Backyard Olympics – You can easily set up an obstacle course in your own backyard with lawn chairs, sporting equipment and hoses. Get into teams (or play everyman-for-themself) for fun games like a 3-legged race, an egg drop or a timed sprint competition.
Credit: OakleyOriginals via Flickr

Credit: OakleyOriginals via Flickr

  • Hit the Trail – Find the closest hiking trail, pack some food and water and hit the dusty trail. Hiking is a great physical activity for the whole family. Look for local wildlife and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer!
Credit: vastateparksstaff via Flickr

Credit: vastateparksstaff via Flickr


Have a Great Weekend! Know Before™.

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