Live from CES 2014, Top 5 Trends

WeatherBug was at this year’s Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV – the annual trade show for all things consumer tech – and wanted to share with you some of the buzz and news from the show.

A view of Las Vegas from the Foundation Room

A view of Las Vegas from the Foundation Room – Credit: WeatherBug

We were checking out the latest technologies and were pleased to see WeatherBug featured on the vast show floor:

WeatherBug at the Voxx exhibit

WeatherBug at the Voxx exhibit, showcased on their Champ line of emergency preparation products

WeatherBug on Samsung's Smart Refrigerator

WeatherBug at the Samsung exhibit, showcased on their Smart Refrigerator

WeatherBug at the Microsoft exhibit

WeatherBug at the Microsoft exhibit, showing off our brand new app for Windows Phone 8

So, what are the top 5 trends we saw at the show? Here they are:

  • Wearable tech – From smart watches to sensors in a baby’s onesie, it seems we are destined to get more intertwined with technology far beyond the phones we keep in our pockets.
Credit: Janitors via Flickr

Samsung’s wearable watch – Credit: Janitors via Flickr

  • Smart everything – Imagine being able to control all your home entertainment, appliances, water, and heating/cooling from a centralized network – it won’t be long until we live like the Jetsons. WeatherBug is on the forefront of this trend since weather is the biggest driver of home energy use. Our WeatherBug Home product will help reduce your energy footprint (and bill) by using our massive weather network.
Credit: cj.sveningsson via Flickr

Credit: cj.sveningsson via Flickr

  • Robotics and drones – There were some really cool things that we saw – such as a flying drone that can follow you on your ski down the slopes, recording your awesome run – pretty wild!
Credit: Doug Kline via Flickr

Credit: Doug Kline via Flickr

  • Health tech – We saw amazing products that tap into biometric technology such as fitness trackers and heart-rate monitors, but were impressed by a broader world of health tech like a smart pillbox that tells you when you need to take your medication.
Credit: mariachily via Flickr

Credit: mariachily via Flickr

  • Car tech – Soon we’ll be able to stay connected on our commute! Automakers are working to bring the Web to the dashboard as well as products to keep drivers and passengers entertained. Don’t be surprised to find apps for your car!
Credit: Mike Babcock via Flickr

Credit: Mike Babcock via Flickr


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