Brazil Flooded Over the Holiday

At least 40 people have lost their lives and an estimated 70,000 have been left homeless following torrential rain in southeast Brazil. After 2 weeks of heavy downpours which have triggered deadly landslides, thousands of people spent Christmas without drinking water, power and food shortages.

Credit: Natecull via Flickr

Credit: Natecull via Flickr

Described as the worst rains in 90 years, President Dilma Rousseff interrupted her year-end holidays to tour flood-hit areas of Espirito Santo. Accompanied by Health Minister Alexandre Padilha, Rousseff also flew over the Governador Valadares region of Minas Gerais, where two children aged 3 and 11 died on Sunday when a mud slide buried and swept away their home.

Credit: sapienssolutions via Flickr

Credit: sapienssolutions via Flickr

Brazilian Air Force helicopters have been rescuing the most vulnerable and delivered 8 tons of food, medicine and drinking water. The federal government has authorized nearly $3 million to fund rescue operations, assistance to victims and restoration of essential services.

Credit: gui.tavares via Flickr

Credit: gui.tavares via Flickr

WeatherBug – Earth Networks recently expanded our network to Brazil and began issuing alerts to severe weather threats. In January 2011, floods and mudslides killed more than 900 people. One year later, in January 2012, floods claimed more than 250 lives. We are grateful to be able to provide the fastest alerts and the best forecasts to Brazil to help mitigate loss of life.


Stay Safe! Know Before™.

The WeatherBug – Earth Networks Team



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